My first post on Sweet little paradise :}

First of all, welcome to Sweet Little Paradise! (ah please don’t press the cross button yet!)

It’s my first blog after having xanga, tumblr, etc. To be honest I’m not a native English speaker and probably my English is not that good. So, stuffs that I say here probably don’t make sense to you. Do bare with me while I’m trying to improve my language skills and I will try to post as often as I can.

Q : Can you introduce a bit of yourself?
A : I’m from Hong Kong, currently studying Psychology in the Northern part of UK. I find human behaviours very interesting so I selected that as my Undergrad course. Somehow I feel like being interested and actually studying the subject are totally different stories. So, I’m currently struggling between continuing my study on this field and do a Postgrad course in a completely different field.

Q : Why do you launch this blog?
A :Β I’m the type of person who doesn’t talk much in front of people, but actually loads things are running through my mind when I’m not talking. I am a typical virgo (I think!) who always have a lot of questions, think/dream/imagine lots. So, I chose to start having a new blog here talking about ideas/thoughts that I have. Besides, I also see it as a way of improving my English (hope it works!)

Q : What will your blog be about?
A :Β I’m a fashion lover (especially street styles) so my blog will talk loads about that. I will also share pieces of my life, post A LOT about food cause I’m a total foodie. I’ll also make posts on anything I find interesting or inspiring

Q : Why is it call Sweet Little Paradise?
A : Hmmm this used to be my tumblr url, but I think I’ll treat here as a paradise where I can talk freely about whatever I want. So, I’ll also post a lot of my personal life and random thoughts/feelings here. May also talk about random stuffs I saw on internet. Will see how it goes :}

Okay hmm that’s all thanks for being with me! Have a great day & smile always x



4 thoughts on “My first post on Sweet little paradise :}

    • oh thanks!! Just read your post about your reasons for blogging. My xanga was a disaster as well and it made me feel depressed. But recently the more I read others’ blog, the more I want to type things myself :}

      • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thats right! and that is the funny thing too! U will never know when u become a great writer, and people start following ur blog πŸ™‚
        Just pour your heart out, and see the magic πŸ˜€

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