The approaching of summer.

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for such a long period. I have never imagined life in university can be so busy. Final exams are in next week so here is a quick update from me.

Summer is never my favourite season, as it is far too hot for me and summer wear just don’t suit me. I was born in September and therefore more of a autumn type person. However, summer vacation is my favourite period throughout the whole year ’cause I love blossoms :} I have always been so addicted to taking pictures of blossoms whenever I see them. So, I have whole collection in my laptop and would like to share with everyone!

See that photo of a red skirt with some white spots? That was my outfit for the Disney day in my previous school. I think you can guess what I was dressing up as, and perhaps it’s my favourite summer outfit ever.

*All of the above photos were taken by myself.

Guess what is this? It’s actually the inside of a passion fruit! I have never imagined a fruit can have such a fun and creepy texture inside and it seems like some kind of outer space creature.

Till the next time we meet, probably late May which is after my exam, I wish everyone have a beautiful springtime. Have a great day & smile always x



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