The Invisible Heels

Hiya! Just a quick update right before my exam ’cause I don’t feel like studying right at this moment. Months ago I found these pair of heels that I really dream of having.

“The Invisible Shoe was born from a study of Optical Effect applied to shoe design, where the designer explores the concept of invisibility through the chameleon effect.”

I love this pair of heels so much. They are designed by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves and they are hand made in Italy to order! The laser cut design gives these heels a very obscured look and . They are called the Invisible heels ’cause they have mirror surfaces which reflect everything and make your feet invisible.

Another naked version of the the Invisible heels is also amazing.


This naked version is also unique and well-structured. Instead of the mirror surface, using advanced 3D printing technology some geometric patterns are cut out on the surface of the heels. When light shines through the heels it creates shadows with those beautiful geometric shapes. They are a piece of artwork to me.  I wonder if the inner nude parts can be taken out or not. The heels will be more fun to play with if the interior can be changed everyday. Say like today I feel very energetic and I’d love to match the outer nylon shell with a neon pink interior. Or maybe I’d love to be classy & chic today so I can stick to nude x black as well.

Classy style with Invisible Heels Nude Version

To create a classy style with the invisible heels, check out the above items on my Polyvore !

Both designs are just so eye catching and will get you the attention that you want. Definitely placed on the top of my wish list! :}



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