Mango Fall 2012 Collection

Hey guys! Finally I stopped being lazy and decided to post again! I’m always to lazy have new post ’cause I have too much ideas going on in my brain and I just can’t decide what to blog about. Originally I thought of talking about my favourite style for this summer, but then today I woke up and found that some items of the Mango Fall 2012 collection are already on sale online. So here I am, blogging about the new collection :}

Mango Fall 2012 catalogue. Model: Anna Selezneva

I love how the collection mixes textures (leather, tweed, knit, fur, sheer) in neutral shades. Jackets are essential for the changing season period and layering is such a fun and easy thing to do! Simply a faux fur vest matches with a chiffon blouse, or a coat with a pair of high waist trousers I’m ready to go and hang out with my friends. Shorts match with knee-high boots announces the coming of Autumn and yet still gives a hint of summer breeze.

Autumn has always been my favourite season. Not only because I was born in September and it’s the season of all the scary masks & costumes, but also because of all the crunchy falling leaves, crispy weather with cool wind and foggy mornings. In my own fashion world, I always think that spring is the season for all the pastel colours, summer is all about mix & match of contrasting colours and winter is for monotone. Autumn is when I always love to have outfits with different tones of the same colour. I’m so inspired by this Mango fall collection, featuring neon pink & mustard, as it gives the season a twist. I mean, who says autumn must be beige, nude, brown, grey, black and blood red? It can be also be yellow, pink, orange and all other kinds of vibrant shades.

Mango Fall 2012 Collection

Mango  | Mustard cable sweater // Neon pink knitted cardigan // Single pleat two-tone dress // Printed Cotton Foulard

Boucle jacket ( the classic Channel style jacket) with embroidery & gold buttons has been on the top of my fashion wish list for ages. Although this neon pink knitted cardigan is not exactly what I’m looking for, its colour is so vivid and feminine which make it so easy to match. Simply a white top and pair of jeans will do the job. The part below the asymmetrical hem of the two-tone dress creates flowing motion that matches the falling leaves.

Mango Fall 2012 Collection
Mango |  Pleated skirt dress//Biker boucle suit//Baseball style jacket//Navy suit jacket//Sandals//Shoulder bag//Metallic bracelet

These are all my favourite items from the preview Fall collection. I especially love the tweed biker boucle set, looks really chic, classy and simple. The base ball style jacket is really versatile. Matching with shorts creates a casual and sporty look. With trousers and heels creates a more sophisticated look.

Okay now we’re coming to the end, and this is my style of matching the items from this collection!

Mango Fall 2012 Collection Mix & Match

Pull & Bear  | Shirts blouse
Mango  |  Neon pink cardigan//Frayed hems denim shorts //Platform boots//Shoulder bag//Metallic bracelet//Thick leather belt

Next time I’ll blog about my 5-days little trip exploring London. Have a great day with sunshine!



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