My Summer Shopping Spree

This summer I attended a voluntary project and it’s finally over last week! I have more spare time now for the rest of my summer vacation, so I spent an afternoon with Hilary, who has been my friend for 11 years since primary school 🙂 And we went playing with Purikura (sticker photo machine in Japanese)!

Erm sorry for the low quality of the picture ’cause it took it with my phone, under the high pressure of time limit for editing the sticker photos especially when I don’t know any Japanese (゚Д ゚;)

I’ve always love sticker photos, as I get to draw or add whatever I want and each of them are personally designed by me & my friends! One of the greatest inventions for kidults like me!

And look what I got!

The cutest thing of Purikura is that you’ll get a small present if you win a mini game on the touch screen while waiting for your sticker photos! The packing is a really cute match box, and inside there are some heart-shaped cotton pads and a plaster with pink baroque prints.

And then I allowed myself to continue my journey of gaining weight. Actually it’s not that bad. After a few hours of shopping and wandering around I’m pretty sure I lost SOME weight, right?

As I always say, shopping is definitely the best sport ∩( ̄∀ ̄ )∩

It’s extremely hot (as always) in Hong Kong. Seriously, if you stand on the street in some busy areas like Central or Causeway bay I swear you’ll be sweating like mad within a minute. You won’t even be able to see things maybe 5-6 blocks away. No kidding. The air pollution problem in Hong Kong is so bad now that it’s more suffocating than ever, especially in summer.

So to prevent myself from having heat stroke after 5 hours of shopping, I pulled my friend into a Japanese restaurant in Causeway Bay. I mean, just look at those sashimi & sushi and I feel like I’m swimming in the umi (ocean in Japanese).

1. Tuna Carpaccio, an Italian style tuna sashimi with lemon & herbs jelly and some radish shreds.
2. Roasting Salmon Sushi with garlic and chili sauce

We were starving after loads of exercising so those two disappeared after few seconds. We also ordered a sushi set with uni, tuna, salmon, scallop, roasting eel, and sea bream. By the time the tempura set arrived, we were already 70% full. The tempura set was an assortment of deep-fried seafood (prawn & squid) and vegetables (eggplant & pumpkin).

My friend told me to mix the minced radish into the tempura sauce. I said, “What!? I never know we are supposed to have minced radish that way!”  Usually I just dip my tempura into the sauce and then put some radish on top, like how you eat sushi with wasabi. But then my friend told me that by mixing the minced radish into the sauce, you can make sure you have enough radish on your tempura and it prevents you from having too much internal heat (well, this is 熱氣 in Chinese. Basically it means whenever we have too much oily or fatty foods, we’ll then have either a sore throat or coughs. If you want to know more, click the link!). That is a much smarter way than trying to balance the radish on the tempura before it reaches your month.

Okay, maybe I’m being a fool here as someone may say hey I’ve known that since ages ago. Well, whatever. That’s the purpose of my blog anyway, to share what I saw/heard/ tried/ experienced, and what inspires me. So that’s what I’ve learnt and I’m sharing it now for those who still hasn’t heard of this little trick.

Address : Japan Mi-Ne Sushi Totoya Shop, Windsor House, Causeway Bay, HK

As you can see the title of the post is shopping spree, and I am totally not a fan of window shopping. So, of course I did buy a few things.

1. MAC  |  Pro Longwear Concealer

I always have the problem of my mascara/eyeline smudging on to my under-eye area. So, Hilary saw this on a magazine and recommended me trying this new product of M.A.C. It comes in a clear glass bottle with a pump., though I prefer those with a doe-foot applicator (sometimes when you apply concealer with finger, the layer maybe to thin due to finger’s warmth). It says it’s a fluid concealer that can last up to 15 hours. I’ve used it once and it worked! My eye make up did not smudge for at least 9 hours. 

Oh and by the way, a few useful tips to prevent smearing/smudging:

  • Leave a concealer-free space on your eyelids for the eyeliner.
  • Apply a coat of translucent powder underneath your eye
  • Pressing and patting, instead of dragging the concealer into place. It gives a smoother texture and avoids pulling delicate under-eye skin.
  • Seal your eyeliner by using an eye-lining brush coated with eye shadow of the same shade as your eyeliner.
  • Read more here & here.

2. Koji  |  No.100 Accent Eyelash Curler, $45

If you see my Listography, you’ll see I have a very long wish list for makeup & manicure items. This eyelash curler is like the top of my list, and finally I got it! I tried using it and it’s easier to use than those big ones, as I always pinch my eyelids with eyelash curlers. This tiny curler, which is about 1 cm wide, is specifically designed to curl hard-to-reach areas like the lower lashes and the short lashes at the corner. Great that it comes with a replacement silicon rubber pad. Oh but be careful when you use it and DON’T overly blink your eye while using it (from my stupid experience. Ouch! \(゜ロ ゜)/ ) , in case of any lash breakage.

3. Etude House | Masks for nose, face and under eye area, $10 to $ 25 hkd each

My friend XY always tells me how good are Etude House’s products. So, we walked pass a little store and I saw these. I decided to give them a try. I’ve tried the Collagen Moistfull Mask Sheet before and I love it! So I bought myself two more. The Collagen Eye Patches are supposed to “revitalise and improve appearance around eyes”. It was so disappointing that they are even drier than the mask sheet, so I’m not gonna try them anymore. I also bought the Green Tea Nose Pack, which “remove oil and pore deep sebum”. Although it’s not 100% perfect, I can see it worked a bit. Perhaps I didn’t wet my nose enough before applying it. I’m going to give it another try :}

4. Forever 21 |  Spiked Trim Clutch

Forever 21 has a new flagship store in Causeway Bay. It has 6 floors and its opening hour is till 1am daily! Definitely a great shopping spot after dinner \(≧∇≦)/
Similar but different colours here & here & herehereherehere, or skull studs here, or without studs here or get totally studded here or here if you want extravagance.

5. Forever 21 |  Simple Ankle Boots

Similar here & here or with much thicker heels here, or without stretch panel here & here & here

Address : Forever 21 Hong Kong flagship store, Capitol Centre, Causeway Bay, HK

Next time perhaps I’ll talk about what do I usually munch on & share a few of my favourite lazy-style recipes! Or maybe I’ll talk about the latest fashion trend that I love. Who knows? Wait until next time ヽ(´ー`)┌



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  1. Amazing haul and I love your boots 🙂
    You have a lovely blog :)I would appreciate it if you could take the time to visit my little blog at and let me know if you would like us to follow each other 🙂

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