Rianna Phillips

Okay. Firstly, I know I’ve been abandoning this blog for ages. (╥﹏╥)

Argh! I always swear to myself that I’ll blog more regularly but somehow I’m always so busy with school stuffs and other stuffs blah blah blah. I know they are excuses I KNOW. I always have things that I want to share but you know what? It really takes a long time for me to finish a post ’cause this isn’t like twitter to me. I don’t just type a few words, add a photo and then press enter. This is a place where I share little pieces of my life and I take it seriously. I usually do lots of research before I type every single post, especially posts about fashion. And if you have read my first ever post on this blog (just in case you didn’t, it’s here), one of the purposes of having sweet little paradise is to train my English writing skills, so I also spend a lot of time on proofreading and checking vocabs. So okay, anyway, here I am posting things again \(´▽`)/ ”

I was doing online shopping again while reading others’ blogs, as usual, and then I come across with this very unique brand, RIANNA PHILLIPS. Her career began as a freelance print designer and she designs her very original digital prints. Her own luxury label was launched in 2011. I immediately fell in love with the pastel, contrasting colours.


Limited Edition Spiked Juliette digitally printed portfolio clutch bag, £72

This is really my favourite design. The masculine stainless steel bolts and rivets are intentionally placed side by side with feminine hand drawn florals, creating a really awesome contrast! Besides, spring is coming soon and I think these dream colours really suit the season.

Here are some other products that I think will complete the look ❤

Nasty Gal | Caged Swing Tank, £12.2
Nasty Gal | Supersonic Leggings, £26.6
Nasty Gal | Soiree Platform with Taupe Suede, £82.6

Here is another more masculine design of oversize clutch.
Try matching with these :

Nasty Gal | Electric Rose Skinny Jeans, £17.16
Nasty Gal | Lattice Tail Top£16
Nasty Gal |  Prospect Studded Oxford£77.84

And since the whole post is about prints, I found a blouse w/ pattern that I really love (~^▿^)~


Nasty Gal | Solitaire Blouse, £24.78

I’m recently being so obsessed with online shopping again and I bought LOADS of things. I really do mean loads. If you know me personally, you may not be surprised actually. I’m a serious hoarder of nearly everything, from clothes, shoes, accessories to social network accounts, pictures, magazines, etc. So I’m gonna share about things I got very soon. I feel excited to share about amazing stuffs that I’ve already owned! (ΦωΦ)



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