Little updates of my life & Discovery Monday

Haven’t been updating for ages. Apologise to my lovely followers.

I was so busy with my coursework and countless deadlines. My Xmas vacation just ended and it was great 🙂 I didn’t do much but hangout with my friends, searched for new/popular restaurants all around Hong Kong. Also got to spend more time with my family and cook for them! My holiday was filled with food.. and tons of food!

As a Foodie in HK

Hong Kong is seriously a food paradise 🙂

Okay that’s all for the updates of my life. I’m going to announce sth now! From now on, I’ll do some posts (usually on a Monday) on some new launched brands or brands that I just come across with.

During the last few days of my vacation, I was online exploring millions of fashion blogs & new rising brands. And then I came to this newly launched brand ” Carry Me ”

“I am not the traditional beautiful woman with big round eyes, so it’s more important for me to know myself, find out my uniqueness and what’s suitable for me.”  — ELVA, the founder of Carry Me

Elva Hsiao is one of the top Taiwan singers. With the passion for fashion and in memory of her dear mother. she launched this brand with easy-to-match designs. I love the structural designs of high heels & accessories.


1. MAKE ME MEOW Shades | Love the detachable kitten ears so cute!
2. EMMA Mini Doctor Bag in yellow | The bright colour suits spring/summer so well!


3. FATIMA Sparkling Platform Stiletto | Very flexible design. Either wear with denim jeans for a casual look or wear with a LBD to glam up 😉
4. EON Ankle Boots | It’s very rare to see quilted design on boots so this is really unique. Pair with simple shorts or pencil skirts


5. ELECTRA Pointy Stiletto in orange | I totally fell in love with this colour it’s so eye-catching!
6. MOSCOW Fury Bag | It looks luxurious with fur & I love the horn details at the end of the beam ropes
7. LONDON Classic 2Way Package | Classy with simple design
8. MARY JANE Denim Platform | Omg I love the little denim fringes it’s so cute and suit the shape of the heels so well



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