Yiqing Yin

Yiqing Yin, immigrated from China to Paris at 4 years old, Her collections was first shown during the Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012 in Paris.

Yqing Yin

Inspired by the nature, the moon, the sky, the water, the light, she sees the dynamic potentials of pleats and imagines all sorts of structures & shapes. She has an aim to create a garment that protects and reinforces, being at the same time a second skin. She constructs, with the pecfect balance between flowing and sculpting. She never make sketches. She creates with intuition and sensory.

Fall / Winter 2013 Collection

Spring / Summer 2014 Collection

SS 2014 Ready To Wear Collection  

Lastly, here is Yiqing Yin’s story from the ABSOLUT Transform Today ad campaign

” It’s important for my creativity to always be confronted, because that’s when transformation is possible. When you take that step to meet the unknown, to connect. You have to believe in yourself, and always challenge the conventions. Never get comfortable. That’s the real magic of transformation. “ – Yiqing Yin

PS. just gave my blog a makeover! What do you think about the new look? Btw check out my instagram which is flooded with food ’cause I’m a total foodie 🙂



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