Discovered a brand Triangl selling pretty nice swimwear. I love the geometrical, kinda-sporty designs!

  1. Elly Featherstone (neoprene bikini in black mesh & mint bottom), 89 USD
  2. Finn Rockerbird (neoprene bikini in orange mesh & metallic bottom), 89 USD
  3. Indianna in Ice (neoprene bikini in optic white), 79 USD
  4. Indy in Malibu Blue (neoprene bikini in cobalt blue), 79 USD
  5. Penny Wanderlust  (neoprene bikini in white mesh & blue bottom), 79 USD

Their lingerie line is quite nice too!

  1. Lucie in Champagne Coral, 55 USD
  2. Isabel in Tangerine, 45 USD

I can’t wait for summer to come! Although the weather in uk currently sucks. It rains. And hails. Ugh.

PS. One of their models Lisa Hamilton owns a nice blog, See Want Shop. She blogs about style, beauty, health & inspiration. Check it out!



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