I’m really not a big fan of the current sporty trend in fashion. I’m never the trainers-and-beanie style. I personally hate running plus I don’t go to gym often. If I’m asked to pick any item I like that represents the sport trend, I would definitely say it’s sweatshirt.

One thing I like the most about sweatshirts is the simplicity. Usually words, slogan or logos printed right at the centre. Bold & simple. It represents the owner. Whenever I walk on streets and see people wearing sweatshirts, I believe the owners must have seen those sweatshirts while shopping, thinking “Ah-ha! that’s totally me!” and then ended up getting them back home.

I still remember the first time I fell in love with sweater was when I saw this sweatshirt that adopts a song title of the Korean singer, G Dragon.


One of a kind. Short yet powerful sentence.

Pull & Bear just launched a new collection of sweatshirts for SS14. Incorporated some floral prints, petal colours and denim, the collection immediately reminds me the coming of springtime.

  1. White floral print w/ Organza sleeve details ,
    £ 22.99
  2. Grey floral print w/ Organza band , £ 17.99
  3. Blue floral print w/ Organza bands , £ 19.99
  4. You make me real” , £ 17.99
  1. “You & Me” , £ 19.99 – Im currently so into this simple black and white big check print.
  2. “Everybody says keep calm but I just wanna dance”, £ 15.99
  3. Mickey print, £ 22.99 – Outstanding and cute!
  4. “Do it with passion”, £ 17.99  – This looks like the parental-advisory-explicit-content logo, I love it! (similar here or a white version here)
  1. “Why not now” , £ 19.99
  2. “Be an icon” , £ 15.99
  3. “Black coffee please” , £ 17.99

Want to see more designs from this collection by Pull & Bear? click here to check them out!

I also got two sweatshirt from a singapore online blogshop called We Love Meow. They sell so many popular designs of clothings with a low price plus they ship worldwide!

  1. I usually match this black & white checker cropped sweatshirt with a long silky white shirt (similar here or a white version here)
  2. Although this baroque print sweatshirt looks a bit oversize on me, I’m determined not to re-sell it ’cause the print looks absolutely beautiful. (Similar here or here)



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