Chitchat & DIY Minimalist Calender (w/ free templates)

Hey guys, it’s been awhile (again) since my last update.

Apologies. #weep#  The past few weeks were so hectic that I felt like I can’t even catch up with my life, let alone updating my blog o_O After complaining for a few months about my student life being so boring in the so-not-happening little town Stockton, so many things happened in one month that I feel like everything I have experienced was only dejavu 😀

Oh and I still can’t believe I have graduated. Yes, I made it! Three years of undergraduate study and it all came to an end on 2nd July, 2014. With my not-lethal-but-still-quite-serious laziness, I can’t believe I finally got the degree! 😉

So much more had happened after my graduation ceremony, like packing and more packing (seriously I still consider this the most hateful thing to do after 5 years of studying abroad :/ . And tbh I’m so not good at it. I guess I’m born to create mess, not to tidy and clean stuff) ’cause I’m leaving UK… for good. Plus something happened between me and my friend which made me feel so pissed with her. Long story, basically it involved an almost-been-abandoned bunny, a not-very-caring owner and a very frustrated girl (Want me being the killer and to feel all the guilt? No. Thank you very much).

Anyway the problem finally got solved and thank God I don’t have to be the one letting the bunny into the wild… and then my parents came to UK and we traveled to Iceland for 10 days as my graduation trip. It was mesmerizing and there were so much to see and to experience 😀 . And I am seriously telling you – 10 days is totally not enough for exploring the country.

Time flew pass so quickly (especially ’cause we traveled in summer, we had almost 24-hours daylight and I lost count of days) and then after the 10 days we traveled for a week more in Scotland. But I guess what I saw in Iceland was too amazing, Scotland – though a very peaceful and beautiful place – was comparatively less astonishing. Will share more about my journey (what my mom called as 冰火之旅, which literally means a journey of ice and fire, because Iceland has volcanoes, geysers , waterfalls,ice lakes, etc., basically all kinds of natural wonders you can imagine) in my next post.


I have been busy tidying up my room ever since I was back to Hong Kong (I still remember the first moment I walked out from the plane and instantly been welcomed by the humid and hot weather. I swear I was about to rush back into the cabin and never come back. My rationality won over my emotions. Damn it)  I never moved house since I was born and you can imagine the mess I created through the years. It’s like a mountain of trash in my room grew together with me at the same rate for the past 20 years. And I DO NOT enjoy playing hide-and-seek with my stuff. And this time, I’m finally determined to clear everything.

I have spent so long categorising things into ‘for keeping’, ‘for donation’, ‘for recycling’ and ‘certified – for the bin‘. Seriously I wish there are more charity shops in Hong Kong. In every single city within UK – at least in all those I’ve been to – there are at least 5-6 charity shops. I really hate throwing things away but I can’t keep all things in the house and lie to myself that one day I’m gonna spend 30 mins travelling time and take those 30 bags to donate.

So while I’m taking a rest from breathing in all the dust in my room, like how a pinomaniac ( = a person who’s obsessed with Pinterest,  in case you don’t know, and btw advertising time – check  out my Pinterest and your life will never be dull again lol) spends his/her everyday life, of course I started pinning everything I saw on blogs & websites. I came across a few DIY calendar and got inspired. Realising I haven’t got one for this year, I started thinking of making my own one.  I was inspired by this amazing blog Love Aesthetics by Ivania Carpio. You can feel her love for textures and monotone through all her clothing and product designs, and I also love the use of industrial material to create fashion items like clutches, collars and jewelry.


So here you go. I’m sharing my DIY calendar for you all minimalism lovers to download. It is timeless – simply write the number of the day within the square bracket corresponding with the days of the week. You can reuse the calendar for many years if you use pencil.  I have created 2 versions, the Motivate Edition & Mighty Edition. The former one has some inspiring quotes the bottom of every month. The latter one has some of my favorite biblical quotes, though has small space for writing memo because of the longer sentences. Each version has 24 pages, so you can either use the calendar for 2 years or pick the more favourable  quote out of the two for each month .

(right-click on the link and open the PDF files on a new tab)

The Motivate Edition :: calendar_motivate edition

The Mighty Edition ::  calendar_mighty edition


I always think summer is a great time for creating a to-do list or bucket list or new year’s resolution or whatever you call it. As half of the year has gone by, it’s time for self-evaluation – Have you achieved what you want? Are you still on the way? Are you at least doing something to keep yourself on track? No matter how you did so far, I sincerely wish you all have a truly wonderful latter half of the year. It’s kinda cliche but always true – better late than never, right 😉 ?





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