What To Expect When You’re Expecting (movie review)

Just finished watching What To Expect When You’re Expecting.



Well in this film there are a plenty of things to expect. There were tons of gags and I like how the balanced sides of bitterness and happiness of fatherhood were shown with scenes of the Dude’s Group.


Love Cameron Diaz‘s acting as Jules. There were many funny scenes between her and her husband Evan, acted by Matthew Morrison. One of my favourite scene was a split screen in which Jules was eating fruits like banana while Evan was munching a fatty donut. It’s funny because in reality girls are always so aware of their body sizes when some guys just don’t get why we do :/


The couple argued a lot throughout the film about circumcision of the baby. Well actually there was a twist at the end and it inspired me about how life always gives us surprises. No matter how well you have planned for your life, there’ll always be some bumps or thrill rides and that is exactly why life is challenging yet amazing 🙂 Just like what Vic (Chris Rock), whose kid is always knocked over by sth, said in the movie about parenting. I think this was the best line in the entire film.


The couple I like the most is Marco (Chace Crawford) and Rosie (Anna Kendrick). It was hard to get the image of Nate Archibald out of my mind while watching the film. He was supposed to be the perfect, rich and good-looking one in Gossip Girl, not the guy with the food truck selling hot dogs (still good-looking though and I’m pretty sure the queue will be so damn long if he’s actually doing that in reality o_O ).


I mean, seriously comeon, what are you trying to sell here actually

I mean, seriously COME ON what are you trying to sell here smiling like that at the food truck

The scene where he gave Rosie his homemade caramels made me went awwwww ❤ Not just simply because those were handmade, but because of the fact that he knew he would get burn marks on his hand but he still did it for her.


Different from some other critics, I actually like the repetitive scenes of locking and tapping the truck’s doors and how Marco popped out to meet Rosie with few beers and a cheeky smile 😎 Because the couple’s love story began near the food trucks, I think the repetition was like suggesting the coming of love. But I agree that the repetitive part wasn’t well-used. Maybe it could have lead to more disappointment with Marco not showing up after the tapping scene.


Meanwhile another totally dramatic couple Gary (Ben Falcone) and Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) was also expecting a child. Gary struggled with his competitive father Ramsey (Deenis Quaid), who has a very young wife Skyler (acted by Brooklyn Decker, 27 in real life). Although I’m like 100% sure I won’t go through that situation in real life, but I totally understand the awkwardness. Who will ever pray for a brother/sister same age as the son/daughter!? It was also hilarious to see Skyler insisted on ‘mommying’ and kissing Gary, who was a fully-grown-up man (41 in real life), while Wendy was getting furious at the side.


In general, I feel like the there was room for improvement for the editing. There were some supposed-to-be-heartache moments, but I felt like there hadn’t been enough to develope the emotion. For example, Gary almost lost his wife in the delivery room and his father was showing silent support at the side. I felt quite hard to adjust when moments ago I was laughing at their clumsiness at the hospital 😮

J Lo acted as a photographer Holly who was preparing to adopt a child with her husband (and btw dolphins are soooo cute!). She did a great job of expressing her frustration crying at the carpark and blaming herself for being unable to get pregnant. However I kinda feel that the story needs more elaborations for the adoption scene to be more touching. Or maybe it was because I don’t have similar experience? But I think great movies are good at making you feel what the characters feel, like the film Life As We Know It which is a similar film about parenting but I think scored higher.

Although What To Expect may not be one of my favourite movies, I’ll definitely recommend watching it. It was supposed to be a rom com but I would say it gave little chuckles at most 😐 This film will be more comedy-like by including more hysterical scenes during the preparation stage, like mothers craving for food or fathers attempting to pick baby supplied. The movie centered quite a lot on the father side. Perhaps it was because the director was a male? IDK and I’m not being racist here. I think this film was quite unique in showing the worries and hesitations of soon-to-be fathers. Like Craig (Thomas Lennon) said that having a kid is the side where “happiness goes to die” lol. I think the movie will be more like a comedy by elaborating the dude’s group scenes 😕

Well, I have no experience in either pregnacy or getting married so I can’t say I feel related. But I like that this film was full of facts, especially the scene of Wendy giving a speech at the Kids Expo and she admitted ‘pregnancy sucks!’ I noticed one thing – there was a scene where Skyler was said to be a magical pregnancy unicorn XD with the six-inch heels (btw role well-played by Rebel Wilson, should check her out in the Super Fun Night series as Kimmie Boubier).

Well actually Wendy was wearing a rainbow unicorn top while on stage. Idk if that’s a coincidence or the film maker did it on purpose. But I got one thing out of this – that everyone can be a magical unicorn if you want to be. In fact, every mother on Earth is a magical creature who performs miracles 🙄


I like the twist that Wendy became a superhero mum after giving the very-real speech about the ugly side of being pregnant. No one expects pregnant women in real life to be physically beautiful, esp with all those crazy hormones. Hollywood’s wives are surreal. And not everyone can be like the pregnant Gloria in Modern Family. And the situation can be out of control even for beautiful woman like her. With the advanced technology, you don’t have to be pregnant to understand the situation.


What I like about this film is that it showed both the highs and lows of maternity. From seperate point of views of woman and man. About having accidental or planned pregnancies. About mythical pregnant women with a glow like Skyler. About hysterical pregnant women like Wendy. Family is all the matters ’cause kids are all that we leave behind when we’re gone.

Parenting is not easy and there’s no perfect step-by-step guide to it. But like what the dude’s group pointed out at the end of the movie – ” We love being dads. When I was young, I used to think I was so happy. But now I know I’m happy. Exhausted, but happy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”  🙂

You’ll understand more about the nerve-wrecking but miraculous process of parenting by watching this film.




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