Trip to Nepal .

A very unique travelling experience which is unlike any other previous journey I ever had.



Traffic is chaotic but somehow organized. Lots of honking. Cows appear randomly & even lie down in the midst of crazy traffic. Smart doggies that guide you to the shops they belong. Rubbish everywhere. Electricity that can go off randomly during the day.

Food with all kinds of spices I love & my favourite masala tea. Warm welcome from lovely people who also taught me cooking nepali cuisine. Cute kids smile & ask for chocolates. Breathtaking scenery & adventurous activities.

And I experienced many first-times.

It’s kinda overwhelming for me as a first time visitor.
But I’ll be back again.

For sure.

ps. The devastating earthquake happened about a week after I left the place. Im glad my relatives are okay but at the same time I feel sad for this beautiful country. More photos will be uploaded sooner or later, in memory of the places that gave me some of the best memories of my life.




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