Diorama. New Dior woman redefined.

I love the Diorama collection of the Spring-Summer 2015 show.
image image

I was never a fan of Dior. I love the elegance and the choice of colours but I think their products are too feminine for me.

This collection, unlike any other bag collections, adopted an zoomed-in version of the signature cannage pattern. And I absolutely adore it! I like the simplicity. I like the modernised, architectural design. And the metal buckles add an urban, futuristic vibe to the designs. It just works for me.

I’m happy to see Dior creating a new style that is different from what they used to do, yet they managed to keep the brand’s ladylike aura. Sophiticated & modernised but not too powerful like Givenchy’s aesthetics. The brand wants to create a style for new Dior woman, as said on the brand’s website. That reminded me of the roaring 20s, my favourite era of the fashion industry.


It was the time when modern womanhood was redefined. The will to change & explore is always the key behind the legends of all sucessful brands.

For the Diorama collection, materials are matched with different patterns to create different effect. The designs stay classy yet also easy to match with the current sportswear trend.

These are my picks from the collection :


In black patent calfskin.


Deerskin flap bag with crackled ceramic-effect.


Mini version in black lambskin embroidered with a graphic and bold patchwork of multicoloured sequins, echoing the thousands of sequins at the Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 fashion show.





Okay. I am now dying to watch the movie Dior and I.



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