About me?


Fi Sweet | Hong Kong

Studied the behaviours of human being in the Great Britain.
A perfectionist. Wilful. Emotional.
A lover of coffee, desserts, rings, watercolor, typography, minimalism & aesthetics.

Ballet Shoes, Sunsets, Snow, Roses, Peony, Ice cream Sundae, Softserve, Macaroon, Bailey’s, Matcha, Waffles, Scone w/ strawberry jam, Carbonara, Fro-yo, Notes & Letters, Caramel frappe, Valentino, Knee-high socks, Killer heels, Pleated skirts, Vintage specs, Studs, 1920s, Autumn, Lace, Burlesque, Vogue.



In Sweet Little Paradise you’ll find things about fashion & street style & food, or other things that I feel interested.

Welcome to leave a comment down below if you want to know more xx


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