Diorama. New Dior woman redefined.

I love the Diorama collection of the Spring-Summer 2015 show.
image image

I was never a fan of Dior. I love the elegance and the choice of colours but I think their products are too feminine for me.

This collection, unlike any other bag collections, adopted an zoomed-in version of the signature cannage pattern. And I absolutely adore it! I like the simplicity. I like the modernised, architectural design. And the metal buckles add an urban, futuristic vibe to the designs. It just works for me.

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Rupert Sanderson SS14

  1. Dalindawedge booties in platinum, £565
  2. Revel, platinum mirror and studs, £525
  3. Syra, cut out in apricot print, £495
  1. Grace, with natural mesh,  £525
  2. Elba, in indio blue python, £685
  3. Ophelia, open toe mary jane, £425
  1. Trinity, with black daisy mesh, £595
  2. Rosy, with navy linen and tassels, £495
  3. Delrose, in poppy red suede, £375

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Little updates of my life & Discovery Monday

Haven’t been updating for ages. Apologise to my lovely followers.

I was so busy with my coursework and countless deadlines. My Xmas vacation just ended and it was great 🙂 I didn’t do much but hangout with my friends, searched for new/popular restaurants all around Hong Kong. Also got to spend more time with my family and cook for them! My holiday was filled with food.. and tons of food!

As a Foodie in HK

Hong Kong is seriously a food paradise 🙂

Okay that’s all for the updates of my life. I’m going to announce sth now! From now on, I’ll do some posts (usually on a Monday) on some new launched brands or brands that I just come across with.

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Louis Vuitton Larger Than Life Campaign – May 2012

In this ad campaign ‘Larger than Life‘, French photographer Vincent Bousserez explored the life of a secret miniature world that we all missed.


Based on his original series named ‘Plastic Life‘, Vincent Bousserez captured images of golf players enjoying their time on a monogram course with stitch trims, couples fixing their attires through the reflection of themselves on the metal piece, and workers drilling on the fine leather textures.

These ads highlighted the product details and embraise finest craftmanship of Louis Vuitton savoir-faire in an interesting way. They also remind me of my childhood memory.

Have you ever wonder, “Will figures and dolls come to life while we’re sleeping?” I have a habit of talking to my toys. Perhaps it’s because I’m the only child in my family, I’m the only one whom I can play with and talk about my little secrets. They are also very trustable and loyal since they have mouths that won’t speak, plus they never judge :}

Like what happened in the movie Toy Story, I always wonder have my toys ever stood up, walked around and started talking among themselves when I’m away from home. For such reason, I grew up keeping most of my old toys with me. I’m the type of person who never like to throw things away, even if they are torn, worn out, lost a part, etc. They are part of my memory and my life. All the old toys gave me the best childhood memory using their own lives.

How about you? What is your own childhood friends apart from your schoolmates?


Mango Fall 2012 Collection

Hey guys! Finally I stopped being lazy and decided to post again! I’m always to lazy have new post ’cause I have too much ideas going on in my brain and I just can’t decide what to blog about. Originally I thought of talking about my favourite style for this summer, but then today I woke up and found that some items of the Mango Fall 2012 collection are already on sale online. So here I am, blogging about the new collection :}

Mango Fall 2012 catalogue. Model: Anna Selezneva

I love how the collection mixes textures (leather, tweed, knit, fur, sheer) in neutral shades. Jackets are essential for the changing season period and layering is such a fun and easy thing to do! Simply a faux fur vest matches with a chiffon blouse, or a coat with a pair of high waist trousers I’m ready to go and hang out with my friends. Shorts match with knee-high boots announces the coming of Autumn and yet still gives a hint of summer breeze.

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