My spring wardrobe’s new-in and more

I’m always so addicted to online shopping.

I mean, one-click shopping, quick payment through and zooooop! Got it like in 1-2 weeks maximum (unless you shop on Ebay which takes ages to ship overseas omg). Plus the sometimes-free return service, so why not?

So. Let’s share a little about my life. I’ve finally handed in my dissertation (the seems-like-neverending mess) in late March. I have been rushing for it ’cause I need to pack my stuff and dye my hair right before the morning that I traveled to London (Yeah. Bad decision making & procrastination are my two biggest enemies in my life. In case you don’t know me too well) . I planned to have another little trip to London since ages ago and I know my dissertation is due during the same period as I travel, but YES  I love to leave everything till the last minute and then get myself into #panic mode#. Anyway, I’ll share more in my next post about my journey to London, which is packed with food, shopping and tons of food. So get yourself prepared for some mouthwatering food porn 🙂

This time I’m gonna share about my spring online haul. Weeks ago, I was thinking of what to wear for travelling to London (Yes, instead of spending time typing my assignment). I read a lot of fashion blogs, online shop blogs/catalogs for SS14. And then I totally fell in love with grids. I’m not talking about the green-red scottish kinda tartan grids. You know when talking about style I’m the minimalistic type of person. I’m talking about simple horizontal and vertical lines. I’m talking about simple black and white. I’m talking about these…


Simple as that. You can see them everywhere on street style blogs or on some famous fashion bloggers like Song of Style, Amlul by Gala GonzalezAtlantic Pacific, Fashion Filth by Alexia, etc.

You can see the pattern on dresses, coats, blazers, shoes, tops, shorts, suits, etc. Have a little variation by adjusting the thickness of the lines, but still stay simplistic. Simply matching the two darker and lighter version of the pattern together, i.e. white one for the top and black one for the pants, you’ll get a minimalist but eye-catching style.

I’m so addicted to this pattern so I said to myself, “You know what? I definately have to get this. I HAVE TO.” And then I went on spending hours doing online-window-shopping (I’m so addicted to online-shopping you should really see my super-damn-long wishlist on pinterst and I have wishlists for every single online store I found). I ended up getting three pieces (Whooho! Well done self-control! Well actually NO .. ’cause I got like million other stuff that is not in this pattern :/ )

  1. PUFII  |  3/4-Sleeve Check Top – £14.31 (similar herehere, here & here)
  2. WE LOVE MEOW  |  Black Checker Sweatshirt (similar here)
  3. SHEINSIDE  |  Black White Plaid Slim Pleated Knit Skirt – £12.49

Also got these nice, simple items.

  1. SHEINSIDE  |  Black Contrast Sheer Mesh Yoke Embroidered Dress – £11.20
  2. WE LOVE MEOW  |  Baroque Print Sweatshirt (similar here & here; similar pattern in different colours here)
  3. SHEINSIDE  |  Black Beige Vertical Stripe Stand Collar Blouse – £11.94 (similar hereherehere, here, here & here)

I was also looking for books for my summer reading. And I’m recently into psycho/thriller kind of material. I’m gonna pack them in my luggage while I travel!

  1. The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head by Gary Small, Gigi Vorgan  –  Truly bizzare stories written by a Psychiatris. You’ll prolly get especially attracted to one of the chapters in this book.. “The Shrinking Penis” (What?!)
  2. American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
  3. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin  –  An adventure of Mara Dyer, who seemingly suffered from amnesia after an accident.

Oh and finally one last thing I got recently. A really interesting one. A metal Nano 3D puzzle! It’s manufactured by a Japanese toy company TENYO

I got the Black Pearl  from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.  There are also a World Heritage series (Tower of Pisa,  London Tower Bridge,  Arc de Triomphe, etc), Star War series, Transport series and War Crafts series. You can get them either on Ebay  or on Amazon.

When it comes in the packages it’s actually a few metal sheets with different parts of the model. All you have to do is to get those parts of the sheets and gently combine the parts according to the instructions using a crimp. I can assure you, IT’S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS. Different from usual paper kind of puzzles, this is made of very thin metal sheets with super delicate details. So, it breaks easy. It takes much more patient and time. I broke a little part of my ship ’cause I fold it too many times on a dotted line 😥 But it’s so satisfying to see this on my desk cause it looks like a tiny model from some museums!


Till next time! Have a great day guys!





My Summer Shopping Spree

This summer I attended a voluntary project and it’s finally over last week! I have more spare time now for the rest of my summer vacation, so I spent an afternoon with Hilary, who has been my friend for 11 years since primary school 🙂 And we went playing with Purikura (sticker photo machine in Japanese)!

Erm sorry for the low quality of the picture ’cause it took it with my phone, under the high pressure of time limit for editing the sticker photos especially when I don’t know any Japanese (゚Д ゚;)

I’ve always love sticker photos, as I get to draw or add whatever I want and each of them are personally designed by me & my friends! One of the greatest inventions for kidults like me!

And look what I got!

The cutest thing of Purikura is that you’ll get a small present if you win a mini game on the touch screen while waiting for your sticker photos! The packing is a really cute match box, and inside there are some heart-shaped cotton pads and a plaster with pink baroque prints.

And then I allowed myself to continue my journey of gaining weight. Actually it’s not that bad. After a few hours of shopping and wandering around I’m pretty sure I lost SOME weight, right?

As I always say, shopping is definitely the best sport ∩( ̄∀ ̄ )∩

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