Chitchat & DIY Minimalist Calender (w/ free templates)

Hey guys, it’s been awhile (again) since my last update.

Apologies. #weep#  The past few weeks were so hectic that I felt like I can’t even catch up with my life, let alone updating my blog o_O After complaining for a few months about my student life being so boring in the so-not-happening little town Stockton, so many things happened in one month that I feel like everything I have experienced was only dejavu 😀

Oh and I still can’t believe I have graduated. Yes, I made it! Three years of undergraduate study and it all came to an end on 2nd July, 2014. With my not-lethal-but-still-quite-serious laziness, I can’t believe I finally got the degree! 😉

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Ferrero Rocher Lover.

Okay. So I’m still working on editing my London pictures ’cause I took tons. Be patient with me okay? 🙂 Anyhow, a little update of my Easter vacation.. with food! I spent most of the time chilling in my house, munching snacks, doing some work (prolly like 10% of my time. so unproductive I know), read cooking blogs and did some late night baking. Found this recipe for a Ferrero Rocher cake, gave it a twist and the final product looks like something served as dessert in hotels.

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The boyfriend shirt.

This is the most creative video I have ever watched about wearing the boyfriend’s shirt! My favourites are the first style & the halter neck style :}

You can experiment with shirts of different textures like silk, cotton, twill (fabric with tight weaves & resistant to wrinkles), shere, etc. Click here if you want to know more about different kinds of shirt fabrics. The collar of the shirt gives a great detail to the dress and makes it look even more stylish.

Always remember to tuck a simple button-up shirt into your bag! So next time if you pour something onto your outfit or meet someone on street having the same outfit as yours, you’ll know what to do to create an unique dress and stay chic!

Have a great day & smile always x