Time is Money. Literally.

Just finished re-watching the movie In Time (2011). Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried were the main actors. I remember loving it the first time I watched it. The reason I picked the movie was totally because of Justin Timberlake. I think he’s quite good in acting. And tbh even if he’s no good in acting I’ll still watch his movies just for that face 😀 I remember his other movie Friends with Benefits (2011) with Mila Kunis was in cinema at similar time and it became one of my favourite romance movies (btw both actresses’ huge, almond-shape eyes are gorgeous). This is my second time watching the movie In Time and I still love it. I love every single outfits worn by Sylvia Weis (aka Amanda’s character). And Alex Pettyfer‘s accent omg. I also love the leather outfits of Cillian Murphy, esp the long leather coat which reminded me of the movie series Blade First of all, I absolutely love the concept of the movie which was using time as the currency.


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Little updates of my life & Discovery Monday

Haven’t been updating for ages. Apologise to my lovely followers.

I was so busy with my coursework and countless deadlines. My Xmas vacation just ended and it was great 🙂 I didn’t do much but hangout with my friends, searched for new/popular restaurants all around Hong Kong. Also got to spend more time with my family and cook for them! My holiday was filled with food.. and tons of food!

As a Foodie in HK

Hong Kong is seriously a food paradise 🙂

Okay that’s all for the updates of my life. I’m going to announce sth now! From now on, I’ll do some posts (usually on a Monday) on some new launched brands or brands that I just come across with.

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Minimalism and Sandalholic.

Recently I’m really into minimalist style. Black and White. Metallic. Simple two-toned design is simply perfect.

A must-have item for this spring/summer is definitely heeled sandals w/ ankle straps! With all the different textures (croc, leather, suede, plastic, lace, etc.) or other small details (like embellished, studs, zips, cut-outs, etc.), they simply go with any style. Whether you want to be sporty, chic, sophisticated, edgy, flamboyant, attention-seeking, etc etc, strap sandals make it effortless to match the outfit.

Different from the floral-and-refreshing feeling that Spring usually give us, many designers or brands like Rag & Bone, ChloeZara presented varying choices of chunky-heeled sandals. Style with oversized blazer/cardigan and boyfriend jeans, you can have a more boyish look. Want to be sporty? Wear them with caps or baseball jacket. Try to pair the strap wedges with jumpsuits to create a more edgy and neat style.

Chunky Minimalistic Sandals w/ ankle Straps Collection S/S 2013

NLY  Shoes  |  AMIENS, £60 // SAYGO , £43
Luxury Rebel  |  CHANTAL Sandals £88
Alexander Wang  |  ARIEL Hooded Sandals, £340
Zara  |  Mid-heel ankle strap sandal, £50
Dolce Vita  |  

Minimalism. Simply Wedges S/S 2013

River Island  |  Caged wedge slingbacks, £60
Need Supply Co. |  GENEVA sandals, $48
Theysken’s Theory  |  MELINA Nassau wedges, £255
ASOS  |  HARMONICA wedge, £45

For cocktail parties, be classy and chic. Pairing the stiletto-heel design sandals with LBD or printed dress with statement necklaces. Wear them with pencil skirts or pleated shorts and you are ready to go for work.
Classy & Minimalism. Black Heeled Sandals Collection S/S 2013

Jeffrey Campbell  |  shoes, £96
Oscar de la Renta  |  Sandals , £435
Sam Edelman  |  Sandals, £85
ASOS  |  high heel shoes, £43 //  Sandals
Zara  |  leather shoes, £52

There are also other options for spring/summer lovers who adore different colours!

Colourful Minimalistic Sandals Collection S/S 2013

Zara  |  Silver high heel sandal, £52 // Strawberry Sandal w/ buckle, £32
Isa Tapia  |  LIA sandal, £268
NLY Shoes  |  LILLIE, £40 // CAMAEL , £38
Nicholas  |  JOYCELYN suede sandals, £176


Rianna Phillips

Okay. Firstly, I know I’ve been abandoning this blog for ages. (╥﹏╥)

Argh! I always swear to myself that I’ll blog more regularly but somehow I’m always so busy with school stuffs and other stuffs blah blah blah. I know they are excuses I KNOW. I always have things that I want to share but you know what? It really takes a long time for me to finish a post ’cause this isn’t like twitter to me. I don’t just type a few words, add a photo and then press enter. This is a place where I share little pieces of my life and I take it seriously. I usually do lots of research before I type every single post, especially posts about fashion. And if you have read my first ever post on this blog (just in case you didn’t, it’s here), one of the purposes of having sweet little paradise is to train my English writing skills, so I also spend a lot of time on proofreading and checking vocabs. So okay, anyway, here I am posting things again \(´▽`)/ ”

I was doing online shopping again while reading others’ blogs, as usual, and then I come across with this very unique brand, RIANNA PHILLIPS. Her career began as a freelance print designer and she designs her very original digital prints. Her own luxury label was launched in 2011. I immediately fell in love with the pastel, contrasting colours.


Limited Edition Spiked Juliette digitally printed portfolio clutch bag, £72

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Mango Fall 2012 Collection

Hey guys! Finally I stopped being lazy and decided to post again! I’m always to lazy have new post ’cause I have too much ideas going on in my brain and I just can’t decide what to blog about. Originally I thought of talking about my favourite style for this summer, but then today I woke up and found that some items of the Mango Fall 2012 collection are already on sale online. So here I am, blogging about the new collection :}

Mango Fall 2012 catalogue. Model: Anna Selezneva

I love how the collection mixes textures (leather, tweed, knit, fur, sheer) in neutral shades. Jackets are essential for the changing season period and layering is such a fun and easy thing to do! Simply a faux fur vest matches with a chiffon blouse, or a coat with a pair of high waist trousers I’m ready to go and hang out with my friends. Shorts match with knee-high boots announces the coming of Autumn and yet still gives a hint of summer breeze.

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The Invisible Heels

Hiya! Just a quick update right before my exam ’cause I don’t feel like studying right at this moment. Months ago I found these pair of heels that I really dream of having.


“The Invisible Shoe was born from a study of Optical Effect applied to shoe design, where the designer explores the concept of invisibility through the chameleon effect.”

I love this pair of heels so much. They are designed by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves and they are hand made in Italy to order! The laser cut design gives these heels a very obscured look and . They are called the Invisible heels ’cause they have mirror surfaces which reflect everything and make your feet invisible.

Another naked version of the the Invisible heels is also amazing.


This naked version is also unique and well-structured. Instead of the mirror surface, using advanced 3D printing technology some geometric patterns are cut out on the surface of the heels. When light shines through the heels it creates shadows with those beautiful geometric shapes. They are a piece of artwork to me.  I wonder if the inner nude parts can be taken out or not. The heels will be more fun to play with if the interior can be changed everyday. Say like today I feel very energetic and I’d love to match the outer nylon shell with a neon pink interior. Or maybe I’d love to be classy & chic today so I can stick to nude x black as well.

Classy style with Invisible Heels Nude Version

To create a classy style with the invisible heels, check out the above items on my Polyvore !

Both designs are just so eye catching and will get you the attention that you want. Definitely placed on the top of my wish list! :}


The boyfriend shirt.

This is the most creative video I have ever watched about wearing the boyfriend’s shirt! My favourites are the first style & the halter neck style :}

You can experiment with shirts of different textures like silk, cotton, twill (fabric with tight weaves & resistant to wrinkles), shere, etc. Click here if you want to know more about different kinds of shirt fabrics. The collar of the shirt gives a great detail to the dress and makes it look even more stylish.

Always remember to tuck a simple button-up shirt into your bag! So next time if you pour something onto your outfit or meet someone on street having the same outfit as yours, you’ll know what to do to create an unique dress and stay chic!

Have a great day & smile always x