Discovered a brand Triangl selling pretty nice swimwear. I love the geometrical, kinda-sporty designs!

  1. Elly Featherstone (neoprene bikini in black mesh & mint bottom), 89 USD
  2. Finn Rockerbird (neoprene bikini in orange mesh & metallic bottom), 89 USD
  3. Indianna in Ice (neoprene bikini in optic white), 79 USD
  4. Indy in Malibu Blue (neoprene bikini in cobalt blue), 79 USD
  5. Penny Wanderlust  (neoprene bikini in white mesh & blue bottom), 79 USD

Their lingerie line is quite nice too!

  1. Lucie in Champagne Coral, 55 USD
  2. Isabel in Tangerine, 45 USD

I can’t wait for summer to come! Although the weather in uk currently sucks. It rains. And hails. Ugh.

PS. One of their models Lisa Hamilton owns a nice blog, See Want Shop. She blogs about style, beauty, health & inspiration. Check it out!



Who says we have no appetite in summer?

A really quick update of what I’ve done during the first half of my summer vacation. I’ve been back to Hong Kong since late June and I didn’t travel to anywhere. Basically I just stay at home, have a bit of snacks while reading other blogs. Sometimes I’ll go hangout with friends, try out new restaurants & gain weight (this is definitely NOT my goal). So, here are some gourmets that I had!

Right after I was back, I tried this small Japanese family style restaurant. Love the interior design, there’s an area with sofa for sitting & chatting and the chandelier is so pretty.

The food taste so great too! All dishes are made by some Japanese okaasan (mom in Japanese) so they look really delicate & homely like what you’ll have for a homemade meal, instead of those popular franchised shops.

  1. The interior design of the restaurant is so nice! I love the floral light 🙂
  2. Salmon with rice and prawn warm salad wasabi sauce.
  3. Minced curry rice with poached egg and deep-fried prawns.
  4. Green tea cake roll with chestnutty cream

Address :  Limitless Club, Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, HK

In July I went to Sevva for tea with my high school mates. We shared 2 tea set and ordered a cake as a belated surprise for my friend’s birthday.

  1. Beautiful view of the Victoria Harbour
  2. So this is the 3 layers high tea set. My favourites are the mini beef burger and the carrot cake 🙂
  3. Marie-Antoinette’s Crave Cake for my friend’s birthday.
  4. Rose petals, mango & mocha macaroons on pistachio chiffon with cream & raspberries adorned with hundreds of pretty sugar dragees & crowned with pink cotton candy.

This cake is super sweet and we shouldn’t have ordered summer, especially when we are having tea on the balcony in temperature like 35 degrees. The pink thingy on top melted in like 3 minutes after it appeared. It tasted like watermelon soaked in honey for few hours (too sweet for me even though I love most deserts) But the whole thing with teacups & saucers made me and my friends felt like we were in the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

Address : Sevva, 25/F Prince’s Building, Central, HK

I’ve been to Café Habitu the Table. It’s a casual café-restaurant where you can have coffee and chat with friends, and at the same time have some simple and fulfilling food like pasta and sandwiches.

  1. Bailey Irish Cream with espresso, topped with cold milk foam and grated chocolate.
    So I had this yummy coffee cocktail. Bailey’s is my favourite alcohol so I picked this cocktail out of the rest. I think Bailey really matches the espresso ’cause Bailey’s itself is a coffee liqueur. But I guess espresso is a bit denser so the Bailey’s and milk foam float on top (as you can see in the picture) and I couldn’t mix them. I couldn’t taste all three in one sip :S
  2. Spinach & ricotta cheese tortellini with asparagus.

Address : Café Habitu the Table, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong, HK

And these are random food shots I took during this summer..

  1. Trying to do my own Chinese rice dumplings for the dragon boat festival in June, with glutinous rice, green beans, salty egg yolks, pork, dried scallops, etc.
  2. Almond Pineapple tart for my tea time.
  3. Very fluffy Mango Angel Mini Cake.
    Soft chiffon sponge cake with layers of mango flavour cream, topped with pineapple crunches.
  4. Mango fever fro-yo.
  5. Greek frozen yogurt with mango sorbet, crumbs and mango pudding. Great finishing for a day
  6. Chicken omelette curry with cream sauce
    Address : CoCo Ichibanya, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK

Apart from indulging myself with good food, I also had loads of shopping. Next time I’ll share my best buys during the summer! Yeahey!


The approaching of summer.

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for such a long period. I have never imagined life in university can be so busy. Final exams are in next week so here is a quick update from me.

Summer is never my favourite season, as it is far too hot for me and summer wear just don’t suit me. I was born in September and therefore more of a autumn type person. However, summer vacation is my favourite period throughout the whole year ’cause I love blossoms :} I have always been so addicted to taking pictures of blossoms whenever I see them. So, I have whole collection in my laptop and would like to share with everyone!

See that photo of a red skirt with some white spots? That was my outfit for the Disney day in my previous school. I think you can guess what I was dressing up as, and perhaps it’s my favourite summer outfit ever.

*All of the above photos were taken by myself.

Guess what is this? It’s actually the inside of a passion fruit! I have never imagined a fruit can have such a fun and creepy texture inside and it seems like some kind of outer space creature.

Till the next time we meet, probably late May which is after my exam, I wish everyone have a beautiful springtime. Have a great day & smile always x